Healthy Habits to Keep You in Good Shape in the New Year

Healthy Habits to Keep You in Good Shape in the New Year

Making attainable New Year's resolutions will help you live a better and healthier life in 2023. These resolutions may work if you stick with them over time. Try incorporating them into your daily routine.

Every year, most people promise to start living a healthy lifestyle as their New Year’s Resolution. Usually, this involves a new diet or workout plan. While this is a good resolution, improving our mental wellness should also be a priority. 

Aside from working out, simple habits like turning off your phone before bedtime can make a huge impact on your well-being. Focusing on your overall health helps you to manage the stress that may arise from your daily life because being healthy and well is more than just having a muscular body. 

So, why not switch things up a little for 2023 and try coming up with resolutions of a different kind?

What to Try This New Year’s 2023 for Your Health

If you're searching for effective ways to be healthy in 2023, you'll find a wealth of useful information from this list.

Taking More Walks

When engaging in a more strenuous physical activity is hard for you, a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood is enough to break a sweat. As a matter of fact, taking a regular walk provides numerous benefits for your health and wellness more than you probably realize.

According to Purdue University Professor of Health and Kinesiology Dr. Shirley Rietdyk, walking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by strengthening the muscles in your heart. Furthermore, it is also an effective form of exercise which is beneficial if you want to lose weight. A leisurely walk in the park can help you cut down 5 calories per minute.

Walking is not only helpful for weight loss and physical fitness, but it also increases brainpower and cognitive performance. Stanford researchers found that walking increases one’s creative thinking ability. The benefits are significant regardless if you’re walking outdoors or on a treadmill, said Stanford Graduate School of Education Professor Daniel Schwartz.

Invest in Your Mental Well-Being

Being healthy and well goes beyond performing crunches and pushups. While physical exercises are good for your health, they are only a part of your overall wellness. Developing your mental fitness along with your physical fitness is what seals the deal on having a healthy lifestyle.

Mental fitness, as Applied Positive Psychology Coach Jenna Sinclair puts it, is the ability to maintain a state of well-being and cultivate awareness of your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. It guides you through the proper response to an external stimulus, situation, or feelings to avoid conflicts. Increased mental fitness allows you to have control during stressful situations by being present in the moment.

Boost your cognitive fitness by engaging in stimulating activities, including solving puzzles or writing down your thoughts in a journal. 

Digital Detox

With the rise of virtual spaces on the internet, chances are you belong to the 31% of American adults who “almost constantly” go online. According to a study, problematic and excessive use of the internet may affect one’s social relationships which can lead to anxiety and depression. For this reason, putting down your phone and turning off your notifications on the weekends are beneficial to maintain good overall wellness.

Trade your screen time for healthier habits like walking outside, hanging out with friends, or cooking new dishes. As claimed by Psychologist Dr. Kia-Rai Prewitt, doing a regular digital detox improves your focus and concentration. Furthermore, going offline saves you from countless pieces of information online that may cause mental stress.

Building a Healthier Sleep Routine

“Sleeping well” is probably the easiest wellness advice we could give to somebody, however, it is easier said than done. A study shows that almost 100 million people in the United States are not getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep may affect our cognitive function and our performance at work or school. That’s why committing to a healthier sleep routine is important.

For starters, an adult should get an average of 8-10 hours of sleep to feel well-rested. Avoiding caffeinated drinks and sugary foods at night is helpful to have a good night’s sleep, Sleep Expert Dr. Rebecca Robins suggested. Another useful tip is to minimize exposure to light during bedtime to not affect your circadian rhythm or sleep-wake pattern. Meaning, avoid using phones and start turning off your lights when going to bed. 

If you already established a sleep routine and feel like it is not working, try to include wind-down activities such as reading a book, listening to music, or doing light yoga to gradually reset your circadian rhythm. 

Try Something New, Go Somewhere New

The point of creating New Year’s resolutions is to change yourself for the better, and this process includes changing your perspective. And what better way to have a different outlook in life than doing something new and going somewhere new. Taking a break from the stress of work by traveling and doing something fun allows your mind to relax and recharge.

Leverage the new year by acquiring new fun skills and visiting new destinations this 2023. It doesn’t have to be grand, it can be as simple as crocheting or baking. If you want to experience a new environment, traveling might be for you. You can even hit two birds with one stone by going to a different country to obtain a new skill like learning a foreign language. But if your situation does not permit it, there are several free online lessons you can take while at home.

Whether it’s picking a dream destination or a useful skill, being receptive to changes is what matters to have a blast new year. 


Lead a better and healthier lifestyle this 2023 through achievable New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions above may work if you stick with them for the long haul. So, try incorporating them into your routine. Building and practicing good habits regularly is essential to having a healthy body and mind.