How to adjust the resistance?
When you connect the exercise bike with AI Gym App and experience the course, the resistance will be intelligently adjusted according to the course, and manual adjustment is illegible. When you exit the App course, you can easily adjust the resistance through the multi-function knob.

How to maintain?
Please store the bike in a shaded and rain-proof place to prevent surface damage. Regularly check and tighten the screws and parts of the bike that need to be fastened. Regularly check whether the seat cushion is loose and tighten the fixing nuts in time. Regularly check whether the crank and pedals are loose and tighten them in time. Regularly clean the vehicle.

What should I do if the car is not stable and shake after installation?
Please try to rotate the feet under the foot tube to make the four feet close to the ground and keep them level.

Why are the heart rate data not displayed?
Heart rate data need to be connected to a heart rate device. This function is not currently available.

Can the App screen automatically adapt to the screen size of the PAD?
Currently, the Android version of the PAD can be displayed in full screen, but the screen may be stretched due to different screen ratios.
The Apple version of the iPad will only display the screen size of the iPhone on the screen, and we will continue to optimize it.

Can't the exercise bike turn on normally?
Please confirm that the socket is powered, then plug in the adapter, and make sure that the power switch on the bottom is in the "-" status. If it is the first time to use, please confirm that the instrument tube connection line is installed, and try to reinstall it.

If you need to delete downloaded video files, you can tap Me-Settings-Clear cache.

After-sales service hotline:
After receiving the product, if you have any questions and need to consult, please call our service hotline: US: +1(844)417-0149, service time: 9:00 am~ 4:30 pm
UK: +44-7434-666088, service hours: 9:00 ~ 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday We will serve you wholeheartedly.


1. Children under the age of 14, persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, as well as persons with a lack of knowledge must be given supervision or instruction before using the bike. DO NOT allow children to perform maintenance without supervision or to play with the bike.
2. This adapter has passed CQC certification and can be used with this bike only. Do not use it with any other products. In case of any damage, please consult the manufacturer or an authorized agency for replacement.
3. The bike should not be used by persons exceeding 120kg/265lb in weight.
4. The bike is not for medical use of any kind.
5. Consult a physician before beginning a new fitness plan.
Incorrect or excessive training can result in serious injury.
6. If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath or any other abnormal symptoms, stop exercising immediately and consult a physician.
7. Only one person should use the equipment at a time.
8. Keep hands away from all moving parts.
9. Always wear appropriate workout clothing when exercising.
DO NOT wear loose or baggy clothing as it may get caught
in the equipment. Always wear athletic shoes to protect your feet while exercising.
10.DO NOT place any sharp objects around the equipment.

Read all safety information before operating the bike. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that users are aware of all warn-
ings and precautions.
1. The bike is for home use only.
2. Please correctly connect the power adapter before use.
3. To avoid injury, warm up before using the bike.
4. Incorrect or excessive training can result in serious injury.
5. To avoid accidents, keep the bike out of the reach of children
and pets.
6. To avoid getting hurt, keep your hands away from any moving
parts of the bike.
7. Use only original parts from the manufacturer. Changes or
modifications to this unit voids the warranty.
8. In case of malfunction, stop using the bike immediately.
9. Make sure to secure your feet with the pedal straps while using
the bike.
10. The bike should be placed on a solid, level and horizontal
surface. Allow a clearance of 60cm on each side of the bike.
11. Perform regular maintenance for optimal performance and
longevity. To ensure safety, the bike must be checked for wear
and damage on a regular basis.
12. Replace any damaged or worn parts immediately. Do not use
the bike until the repair is performed.
13. In case of inaccurate display of resistance or power, please
restart the bike while not used.
14. Do not operate this device if it has a damaged cord or plug , if
it is not working properly, or it is wet.

DANGER: Always unplug the power cord when the bike is not in
use or before cleaning.