Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale Scale Black Renpho (A)
A modern, Renpho Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale displaying a weight of 132.5 pounds, centered on a neutral-toned tiled floor beside other fitness accessories: two dumbbells, golf balls, and a water.
An infographic comparing Renpho smart body scale features against Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale. Two scales shown side-by-side with text highlighting differences in display, connectivity, platform size, and body composition analysis. Renpho
Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale Scale Black Renpho
A woman in athletic wear performs a lunge on a white background. Next to her, a Renpho Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale graphic lists "13 essential body compositions" including body fat, weight, BMR, and
A fit woman in sports attire gives a thumbs up, smiling at the camera. Behind her are two images of the Renpho Health app displaying weight and body composition analysis data, with text promoting the Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale by Renpho.
Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale Scale Black Renpho
Two women in workout clothes stretch together on yoga mats in a bright, window-lit room, beside a graphic showing body improvement statistics displayed through the Renpho Health app. The text "Visualize your progress" is written above the Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale.
Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale Scale Black Renpho
Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale by Renpho screen displaying weight, body fat percentage, and BMI without needing an app. The readings show 46.9 kg, 24% body fat, and 19.0 BMI.
A Elis Aspire smart body scale with wi-fi connection indicator and the name "Renpho" displayed, located next to a tennis racket on a marble surface, with a hand holding a smartphone showing the Renph
A happy family with two adults, two children, and a golden retriever, sitting together in a living room. They are smiling at a smartphone displaying the Renpho Health app with profiles labeled Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale.
Three smiling female cyclists wearing team uniforms and sunglasses pose with their arms around each other at a USA triathlon event, holding a Renpho Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale with a sponsor's logo. They display

Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale

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Track your weight and fitness goals with the Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale. Perfect for those looking to get fit or learn about your body type with 13 body metrics. Connect with Wi-Fi for greater convenience and automatically sync to the RENPHO Health app. Step on the scale, track your data and see your trends overtime.

-Delivers comprehensive insight to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

-Provides real-time information to track progress

-Track your milestones by using the RENPHO Health app

-Access your data on any device by syncing with Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, or Apple Health

-Unlimited users for the entire family to share progress

Body Composition Analysis

Gain detailed information on 13 essential body measurements (Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat%, Body Water %, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Subcutaneous Fat, Visceral Fat, and Metabolic Age).

Set Your Goals

Reach key milestones by managing your goals through the app.

Personalized User Experience

Get accurate progress data through graphs that update in real-time.

Seamless App Experience

Sync the device to the app via Bluetooth and gain access to your complete body data history.

Dual Connectivity 

Record and upload data without opening the RENPHO Health App via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection so you can view your account wherever you are. 

Advanced Technology

With its ITO coating technology, enjoy a minimalist-styled device without compromising on the precision of its BIA sensors.

Synchronous Data Logging

Save your data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via the RENPHO Health app.


LED Display

Units in pounds, kilograms, or stones 


3 AAA Batteries 


Log unlimited profiles with automatic user recognition

Measure range from 6.6 lbs to 396 lbs


ITO Coating


Apple iOS 12 or higher

Android OS 7.0 or higher


Bluetooth & Wi-Fi


Size: 11 in x 11 in x 1 in

Weight: 3.3 lbs

Elis Aspire Smart Body Scale
3 AAA Batteries

1. The WiFi-Bluetooth dual-mode scale should not be used to diagnose
or treat any medical condition. You should consult a doctor before undertaking any diet or exercise program.
2. Any persons who may be pregnant, suffer from osteoporosis, have a pacemaker, artificial joints, portable ECG or other metal devices implanted in their body are advised against using this product. If doing so, please use the scale for weight measurement exclusively and wear shoes to bypass the electric current when stepping on the scale for measurement.
3. All body composition data is for reference and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a licensed health care professional.
4. If the scale malfunctions, first check the battery power. Replace the batteries if necessary.
5. Check the device before each use. Do not use the device if damaged. The continuous use of a damaged unit may cause injury or inaccurate results.
6. Please keep the scale dry. Take caution when using the scale on wet and slippery surfaces.
7. The scale is fragile, and please handle it with care.
8. This scale is a high-precision measuring device. Never jump on, stomp on, or disassemble the scale. Handle it carefully to avoid breakage. 

9. The scale is not waterproof, never immerse the scale in water. To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or glass cleaner. Do not use soap or other chemical cleaning agents.
10. When pairing the scale with your smartphone for the first time, please enable Bluetooth on your smartphone. After finishing the first
measurement, it will ask you whether you need to pair the scale with WiFi. Once you pair the scale with WiFi, you could always choose WiFi or Bluetooth to sync the data.