Smart Tape Measure BMF01 Scale Renpho

Smart Tape Measure BMF01

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Bluetooth Smart Tape Measure

If you want your body measurements progress showed against time on a graph, this is the right digital bodymeasuring tape with a smart app for you.

Easy to Read

We get that reading the tiny font on traditional tape measure can be exhausting. With this digital Bluetooth tape measure, we help you save the hassle with the large LCD screen. In just 1 second you get your reading, and in 1 more second, your measurement is saved in the App via Bluetooth!


Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, trying to gain more muscle or a pregnant woman who wants to track the size of your baby bump, this digital body tape measure suits all your needs. Make measuring your body easier than ever.

Retractable Easy-lock Hock

Do you always need someone to help you measure your waist? With RENPHO’s Bluetooth smart tape measure and app, you can do it all by yourself.

Friendly App

The RENPHO App has millions of users. Come join us on your fitness journey.