Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho
Smart Tape Measure Y001 Scale Renpho

Smart Tape Measure Y001

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Measure your body with the Smart Tape Measure to get an accurate reading of your body circumference. Whether you’re sporty, concerned with your body mass or a fitness trainer, track muscle growth easily.

-Designed to track your body measurements anytime and anywhere without asking for help.


-Instantly saves measurement and sends directly to the RENPHO Health app. 


-Keep track of body change trends to understand your health journey. 


-Track unlimited users for professional trainers and fitness coaches. 

Easy-Lock Hook & Eject Design

Record your circumference data easily with the easy-lock hook function. Auto-unlock feature releases the tape when simply pressing the detach button, which makes measuring your body with ease.

Smart Body Tape Measure

Fully integrated with the RENPHO Health app to record your measurements efficiently and help you achieve your body weight or muscle goals effectively.

Accurate & easy reading

The body tape measure automatically syncs your data directly to your app and can report your measurements in the unit (inch or cm) you set.

Works with Health Apps

Compatible with the RENPHO Health app and Apple Health. Allows you to track the changes in your body circumference and customize your body part measurements.

Track your Body Measurements

Neck, Shoulder, Bust, Waist, Abdomen, Hip, Biceps, Thigh, Calf, Waist, and Hip. 


LCD Display

Measurement in and cm


CR2032 Battery


Measurement Range: 1 mm - 1500 mm 

Accuracy: ±1mm,


Apple iOS 12 or higher

Android OS 7.0 or higher




Size: 2.2 in x 2.8 in

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Smart Body Tape Measure 

CR2032 Battery


1. DO NOT use this device for any purpose other than outlined in this manual.
2. DO NOT disassemble or modify the device. There are no
user-serviceable parts inside.
3. DO NOT subject the device to extreme conditions: extreme temperatures beyond operating temperatures, high vibrations, dusty area, humid conditions (including any liquid) or direct sunlight.
4. DO NOT use excessive force on the tape or the gear. Excessively pulling the tape or grinding the gear may cause permanent damage to the device.
5. DO NOT fold or twist the tape as this may cause permanent damage.
6. DO NOT use excessive force to pull the tape beyond the maximum length of 150cm/60inch. This may permanently damage the device.
7. Be very careful when measuring neck circumference. The tape may accidentally cause choking.
8. Children under ten years old must be supervised by an adult when using the tape.