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1. Compact design: The compact size of the newer kitchen scale models make them convenient to leave right on your kitchen counter. The ease of access will have you reaching for it again and again.

2. Portion control: A food scale teaches you a lot about portions. It shows you what 4 ounces of protein looks like and what 1/4 cup of pasta really is. Let’s face it, how often have you wondered what one serving of spaghetti as stated on the box really is? Now you can find out! 

3. Weigh ingredients that are hard to measure: What do you do when the recipe calls for “3 ounces of grated cheese,” when you only have a big chunk of cheese in the fridge? What about 10 ounces of brown rice? Well, now you can quickly measure those impossible to eyeball ingredients on a food scale!

4. Consistently accurate: What exactly do 3 large bananas measure to when baking? The volume of a cup of flour can vary by up to 2 ounces brand by brand. Since baking is a precise science, having measurements vary can throw off your recipe. Measuring by volume ensures that your recipes come out perfect each time.

5. Easy to use:  Most kitchen scales are digital and could not be easier to use. Choose your measurement preference (ounces/grams/lbs/kilograms) and put the bowl on the scale. Hit the “tare” button to remove the weight of the bowl and you’re ready to start measuring. A large digital readout makes seeing the weight a snap.

6. Dirty less dishes: When weighing everything in the bowl on the scale, you don’t need a measuring cup. The tare button lets you zero back with every new ingredient so you can measure everything in one bowl. This is especially helpful with sticky ingredients like peanut butter or honey. Plus, you do not need a variety of measuring cups and spoons when you’re actually weighing out your ingredients!

7. Stop mindless eating: Never eat snacks from a bag again! After the kids go to bed and it’s finally time to relax, it’s tempting to grab some comfort food. Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, pretzels, or gummy snacks, measure a proper portion size and eat your snack from a bowl.

8. Aid in weight management: It’s very hard to eyeball an accurate portion size. A kitchen scale will let you know precisely how much that piece of steak weights or how much pasta you’re putting on your plate. This eliminates any unwanted excess calories from your plate and keeps you on track with your eating plan.

9. Ease of cleaning: The new models are generally seamless. They do not have nooks or crannies to catch food particles or spills, allowing for easy cleaning with a quick wipe down. Stop mindless eating. Never eat snacks from a bag again! After the kids go to bed and it’s finally time to relax, it’s tempting to grab some comfort food. Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, pretzels, or gummy snacks, measure a proper portion size and eat your snack from a bowl.

10. Live healthy, live smart: Overall, you can live a happier, healthier life when you start using a food scale weekly (maybe even daily!). It's likely you’ll start to see some changes in your diet and food choices. Once you get the hang of your daily routine using this helpful kitchen tool, you can start to reap all the benefits of owning a smart nutrition food scale.


Who should get a kitchen scale?


Anyone who wants more consistent results for their baking, cooking, or coffee brewing should consider getting a digital kitchen scale. While they’re traditionally used by professional chefs and serious bakers, it’s increasingly clear that they have a lot of perks for the at-home chef, too. Aside from being more accurate, it reduces how many measuring tools end up in the kitchen sink. It can also help you monitor portions if you’re trying to balance your meals with the right ratio of carbs to protein. For example, if you’re adding chicken to your salad, a digital kitchen scale makes adding what your nutrition plan calls for much simpler than eyeballing it. Not too much and not too little!


RENPHO Smart Nutrition Food Scale 




This 3 in 1 Digital Kitchen Scale is the first food scale of its kind. We designed it with one goal in mind... to help make your diet healthier. This smart nutrition food scale is equipped with a nutritional calculator for keto, macros, calories and weight loss management with app. If you fall into any of the above categories, this kitchen tool will soon become one of your favorite gadgets in the kitchen! We’re confident your going to love the benefits and reap the rewards! 


Essential Features


Multiple Units:  Measure multiple units with grams, milliliters, ounces, fluid ounces, or pounds. Whether you’re measuring solids or liquids, there’s a unit that will help you get the most accurate reading. 

Accurate Measurement: The best scales weigh things accurately and consistently with built-in four high-precision load sensors for precise measurements. Accurately weigh anything between 3g and 5000g in measurement increments of 1g / 0.05oz. Easily convert units to ounces(oz), both pounds and ounces(lb: oz), grams(g), milliliters(ml), fluid ounce(fl .oz) for more accurate ingredients.

Tare Button: Place the container on the scale, then press the “Tare” button to set the current weight to zero, or other calculations to easily solve the weighing problem of various ingredients. 

Bluetooth Control: You can easily use many functions of the scale such as peeling or converting units right from your phone. The bluetooth connection allows you to easily operate your scale using the Gennic App right from your phone.

Coffee Time: Equipped with a coffee pot function, the Gennic APP provides a coffee timer function that can help you brew a cup of aromatic coffee and start your leisure time.

Tempered Glass Surface: This scale is crafted with a durable, easy to clean surface and adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.

Well-Designed: Well-designed with anti-skid padding and rounded corners, this food scale is carefully designed to be used in every kitchen.

Diary Feature: Works with Gennec app, you can easily record and keep a nutrition log for each meal. Track your nutrition records and witness your path to health.

Your Heath Assistant: For those who are eating towards healthier living, comprehensive nutrition analysis reports help you to better understand your food and become healthier. (connects to Gennec App)

Powerful App: The Gennic app has tens of thousands of nutritional ingredients for food, helping you monitor portion intake, calculate calories, track meals and store nutrition logs to make your diet more balanced.

Use Tips:

Before first use, be sure to download the Gennec App to your phone.

Make sure the scale is on a flat, level surface.

Place items for measurement in the center of the scale for accurate results.



Whether you’re cooking, baking, or brewing your favorite coffee, a digital kitchen scale guarantees the same quantities of ingredients EVERYTIME.