What Are The Benefits of a Massage Gun?

What Are The Benefits of a Massage Gun?

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Massage guns offer what's known as vibration or percussive therapy. This type of massage therapy provides rapid burst of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue. However, massage guns let athletes and fitness enthusiasts get the same benefits, but in the comfort of their own homes (and without needing to pay routinely high prices for luxury spa services).

And unlike myofascial massaging tools, such as foam rollers, that can yield similar results, massage guns can hyper-target a specific problem area. For those who find foam rollers uncomfortable or too manual of a process, massage guns offer a more streamlined, automatic solution.


 Why Everyone Should Own A Massage Gun? 


Relieving muscle tightness is important, since it can lead to imbalances that increase your risk of injury. (For instance, tight pectoral, or chest, muscles can round your shoulders and pull your neck forward.) A lot of athletes get deep tissue work once a week to keep their muscles from getting too tight.

 A massage gun could allow you to reap these benefits as often as you want, without needing to book an appointment with a massage therapist. And while a foam roller can easily reach larger muscles, a massage gun, like deep tissue massage, can get into the nooks and crannies. region.

 Massage guns also have stronger motors and reach deeper into the muscle than the previous generation of home massagers.The main advantage is convenience, it saves time and allows you to get that DIY deep tissue massage from the comfort of your own home. 

Small Size, Big Power, Easy Grip.


One of the most affordable, but still highly rated, massage guns on Amazon comes from the RENPHO Deep Tissue Mini Muscle Massager. It helps relieve joint soreness, muscle tension, chronic pains, and can be used for daily relaxation.
With another impressive 5-star rating on this mini massager. It comes equipped with an easy-grip handle and lightweight design. It weighs only 1.5lbs including the silicone grip.
This mini massage gun has 5 speeds packed with up to 3200rpm of power. It includes 5 massage heads to meet all your needs. The long battery life last up to 6 hours off a single charge. You can experience relief wherever you are! 



Type C Quick Charge
2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts about 6 hours with only a 1.5 - 2 hour charge. Use it in the home, gym, or office. Equipped with 5V-2A input, you can quickly charge the massage gun.
Powerful and Quiet Deep Massage
With high power brushless motor, this muscle gun massager helps you relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and improve the overall health of the body's soft tissue.


 Multi-Ventilation Heat Dissipation Design
Expanded heat dissipation by sides and tops vents, increasing its product life. No need to worry about overheating even if you use it for a long time.



Relax Your Body Tissue

Takes30 seconds per muscle group to improve muscle recovery, flexibility, and coordination with this deep muscle massager. With 5 heads and 5 massage intensities, you can select what type of massage you need and for which muscle group, just like if a real masseuse was there doing it for you.


 Deep Pain Relief

Relaxes tight muscles and breaks up knots. Digs deep, adjusts, and rotates to provide relief. Perfect for serious sports athletes, bodybuilders and those with dense body mass.


Benefit Overall Health

Turn it on and get a relaxation after workout. Get energized and revitalized daily. Helps you relieve joint soreness, muscle tension, chronic pains, and can be used for daily relaxation. This muscle massager gun do a lot.


Don't forget, it comes with a FREE carrying case! You can easily take it to the gym, training field, office, school, or anywhere else. But most importantly, for the affordable price it doesn't skimp on quality. 




Do Massage Guns Actually Work?

According to a A 2014 study suggested that vibration therapy and massage (both of which are part of percussive therapy) are equally effective methods to prevent DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, meaning you're less likely to feel muscle pain or tightness 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout. Tapotement, the Swedish massage technique that employs the same principle (but without the equipment), also has been shown to improve athletes' overall agility and performance with just five minutes of treatment.