1. The screen doesn't light up

First check the battery installation direction, make sure that the two positive poles face inside, and then check the battery cover. The battery cover with spring is installed on the handle with display.


2. Bluetooth connectiondeclined

Connect from APP, not from mobile phone Bluetooth settings


3. Why the total exercise time is 40 minutes, butit only displays 30 minutes

The APP only calculates the actual time you skip rope. If you stop and rest for a few minutes, the reset time will not be counted in.


4. How to turn it off

No need to , more than 10s without operation, it will enter the sleep mode, 1min after sleep mode, it will automatically shut down.


5. Can the background music be turned off?

Yes, after the APP connects to Bluetooth, click the menu bar to find the voice broadcast, and then close it.


6. Why do l feel that one handle is heavierthan the other?

The handle without the battery has a counterweight to offset the battery weight of another handle, so their weight is the same.


7. Bluetooth connection fails

The effective distance of Bluetooth is 10m, and it needs to be used within the effective distance.

During the rope skipping process, if you rest for more than 1 minutes, the skipping rope will automatically stop the screen and the Bluetooth will be disconnected. When you use it again, turn on the skipping rope display and open the APP, and the Bluetooth will automatically connect.


8. Can APP be used with Bluetooth headset



9. How to reset?

Long press the Mode Button for 3 seconds to reset.