Shiatsu Foot Massager

Therapy for the Sole

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Treat your tired toes with a stimulating massage that quietly soothes tension from headaches, insomnia, stress and more with adjustable levels of kneading intensity.

3 Modes of Kneading Comfort

3 Modes of Air Compression Intensity

Adjustable Heat Function

Battery Saver

Increase Stimulation and Blood Flow

Slip out of your business shoes and wake your feet up with a comfortable rub down that uses acupressure points to promote better health and detox the body by improving overall blood circulation.

Reflexology from the Comfort of Home

Get a pampering rub down that effectively targets your pressure points with rotation ball, rolling stick, heating, and deep kneading shiatsu foot massage treatments.

Heel: Kneading + Pressing Heel: Kneading + Pressing

Foot Tip: Rolling + Kneading

Arch: Knedaing + Scraping+Rolling

Foot Tip: Rolling + Kneading

Arch: Knedaing + Scraping+Rolling

Heel: Kneading + Pressing

Foot Tip: Rolling + Kneading

Arch: Knedaing + Scraping+Rolling

  • 3 Kneading
  • 3 Squeezes
Your Wellness Partner

Relax after a long day and work with a pampering massage that helps improve the effects of a modern busy life.

  • Sleep
  • Body
  • Mood

Tension relief before bedtime to help you drift off to sleep.

Reflexology massage to promote relaxation and ease body pain.

Increase your endorphins and alleviate symptoms of depression.

The Little Things You’ll Love

Compact Design

The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and feature-rich massage for home and office.

Perfect for the Entire Family

Adjustable one-size-fits-all foot space means everyone can enjoy a relaxing retreat after a long and stressful day.

Easy Maintenance

Removable and washable liners in the foot chambers can be unzipped and washed to ensure a sanitary, hygienic and healthy foot massage always.