Compact Air Purifier 068 Air Purifier Black Renpho (A)
Compact Air Purifier 068 Air Purifier White Renpho (A)

Purificateur d'air compact 068

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If you need to clean the air in a space of 200 square feet or less, the Compact Air Purifier is a good choice. Our smart air purifiers can filter down to 0.3 microns in size to help eliminate airborne pollutants in your home air.


Provides cleaner air with its HEPA 13 filter

Captures even more air pollutants when you change its fan speed

Runs quietly to ensure you won’t be disturbed

Turns off automatically when you no longer need it

Notifies you when to change its air filters

Perfect for bedrooms or smaller space


Better Air Purification
With its HEPA 13 and activated carbon filters, the overall quality of your indoor air is cleaner.

Adjustable Fan Speed
Purify the air faster with its adjustable fan speed level and filter as many air pollutants as you need.

Quiet Mode
This air purifier can run while producing noise as low as 30dB, ensuring that you won’t be bothered while sleeping, working, studying, and more.

Smart Filter Replacement Reminder
An intuitive indicator icon will flash, notifying you to replace its air filters.


CADR: 100 CFM (170m³/h)

Speed Setting: 3

Child Lock: Yes

Range: 206 ft²

Size: 11 x 5.9 x 11.4 inches

Weight: 6.49 Ibs

Power Supply: AC120V 60Hz

Rated Power: 42W


Compact Air Purifier 068
Replacement Filter
Power Adapter