A Renpho CA branded Eyeris 3 Eye Massager with an adjustable gray strap, showcased on a white background. The eye massager features a prominent glossy black front casing with the branding visible on the top.
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager
Renpho Eyeris 3 Eye Massager

Eyeris 3 Eye Massager

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Comfort and Control Your Way Newly improved voice controllable eye care experience. Combines the comfort of acupressure with 3 levels of heat and a cooling gel mask for refreshing two-way relief.


-3 Massage Modes

-Heat Pad

-Cooling Mask

-Voice Control

-Portable Design

-Music & Bluetooth

Wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Enjoy a clean and comfortable sleep every time.

Unwind and relax into a state of deep tranquility that targets your eyes, nose, and ears. 

Suitable for easing insomnia, dry eyes, eye fatigue, poor sleep quality, meditation, and stress.

Freezable Gel Mask

Freezable Gel Mask 

Removable gel mask provides easy cleaning and instant cooling sensation to reduce swelling, dark circles, blurred vision, and also the effects of dry eyes. 

Vibration Function

Vibration Function  

Wake up and reinvigorate the eyes with a stimulating vibration that boosts skin elasticity, brightens dull skin, and reduces pain from eye strain and fatigue. 


Improved Fit & Comfort

Improved Fit & Comfort   

Extended eye cushion reaches out to comfort your temples. Higher nose bridge reduces pressure.  Reduced Noise Motor is now quieter at less than 43dB. 

Auto-save Memory

Auto-save Memory 

Recalls your last settings ready for the next time you switch on the device. 

Hi Eyeris: Your Voice Assistant

Hi Eyeris: Your Voice Assistant 

18 voice commands offer hands-free easy control that give you direct access into the features and modes you need by simply saying “Hi Eyeris”.

Material: ABS+Protein Leather+Gel 

Product size: 260*154*110mm 

Product weight: 348g (without gel pad) 

Heat range: 104-113 °F / 40-45 ℃ 

Power: USB Type-C (included) 

Input: DC 5V 2A 

Charging time: 90 mins 

Operating time: 90 mins

- Eyeris 3
- Gel Mask
- Type-C Charging Cable
- Storage Bag

Please consult your doctor before use if you are any of the following persons:


  • - Persons who had undergone eye surgery or eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment
  • - The elderly
  • - Pregnant or postpartum women
  • - Persons allergic to leather, gel or polyester fabric
  • - Persons with skin infections, sensitivity, redness and/or burns on the skin
  • - Persons with any swelling or wound around the eye area
  • - Persons using a pacemaker or other implantable medical devices
  • - Persons with a heart condition, malignant tumors, or other serious health conditions
  • - Persons undergoing medical treatment
  • - Persons with high or abnormal blood pressure